Twitch details upcoming stream discovery features

Twitch wants you to know what's coming next in stream discovery, so it's publishing its roadmap for everyone to see.

LinkedIn adds QR codes to make sharing your profile easier

It's also introducing a new feature that can translate posts into different languages.

Turns out the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua is a comet after all

For a while, researchers thought our first known interstellar visitor was an asteroid.

eSports might be heading to the olympics | Engadget Today

eSports might be heading to the olympics

Swann sends home camera footage to the wrong person

A privacy watchdog is investigating after two incidents of people seeing someone else's footage from Swann cameras.

Pornhub adds closed captions | Engadget Today

Pornhub adds closed captions for viewers with hearing loss

The crowdfunded ‘ToeJam and Earl’ sequel is finally coming this fall

After delays, the crowdfunded ‘ToeJam and Earl’ sequel is finally coming this fall -- but it will no longer be published by Adult Swim Games.

Oculus Medium is becoming a better VR sculpting tool

Oculus' 3D sculpting tool is getting some big upgrades.

BBC show uses VR for home renovation designs

A new BBC show lets couple explore designs for their new-look home in virtual reality.

Sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison dies at 84

Harlan Ellison, a writer on shows including Star Trek, Babylon 5 and The Twilight Zone, has passed away at 84.

Walmart test lets customers shop a curated, virtual apartment

You can shop with your Google Cardboard instead of visiting a store.

Wirecutter's best deals: Save $45 on a Samsung 4K Blu-ray player

Upgrade your office or media center with today's deals

California lawmakers just made it harder for companies to sell your data

Now to wait until next January 1st when the bill becomes a law.

Twitter replaces its head of product yet again

The former CEO of Periscope is now in charge of Twitter's product team.

Kroger teams with startup Nuro for driverless grocery delivery

Kroger is looking into driverless grocery delivery, thanks to Nuro.

Netflix offers a brief look at Matt Groening’s ‘Disenchanted’

Netflix offers a brief look at Matt Groening’s ‘Disenchanted' fantasy series debuting on the service August 17th.

'Uncharted' creative director Amy Hennig is going indie

Maybe don't be surprised if Hennig's next project lands on Oculus devices.

Instagram now lets you add a soundtrack to your Stories

Instagram now lets you add a soundtrack to your Stories from a library of 'thousands of songs.'

Facebook quiz app maker exposed data on over 120 million users

For some reason, a publicly-accessible javascript file was how stored your private data.

Police are using ancestry sites to track down more cold case suspects

At least four suspects have been named with the help of the site used to find the Golden State Killer.

eSports might be heading to the olympics | Engadget Today

eSports might be heading to the olympics

Niantic will let developers use the 'Pokemon Go' AR platform

Niantic also demonstrated some advances it has made with its AR technology.

Harleys sold in the US will still be built in the US

The ridiculous trade-war could shutter Harley-Davidson.

The next ‘Overwatch’ hero is a hamster in a death ball

The next ‘Overwatch’ hero is a hamster in a death ball, which Blizzard has been secretly teasing for over a year.

'Halo' is actually, really, finally coming to TV

Steven Spielberg, Showtime and Master Chief come together at last.

Sling TV adds à la carte channels, free shows and a rate hike

Sling TV now offers à la carte and free channels without a bundle, but those that do want bundles will sometimes pay more.

Segway's new e-skates are probably a terrible idea

Segway's e-skates seem like an accident waiting to happen.

'Life is Strange 2' prelude proves superpowers aren't just for girls

Two Life is Strange fans discuss what Captain Spirit means for the series and themselves.

Amazon wants to help you start a delivery business

Amazon's new initiative will help people put up their own small package delivery businesses for Amazon.

Microsoft’s Twitch rival adds instant highlights

The feature lets Mixer partners capture 30 second recordings mid-stream.

Oculus will pay ZeniMax $250 million for copyright infringement

The payout might seem like a lot, but ZeniMax initially asked for $500 million.

Apple iOS 12 First Look

Apple iOS 12 First Look: It's all about the polish

Razer's light-based keyboard switches are a bust

Razer's new "opto-mechanical" keys claim to be more responsive than traditional mechanical switches.

'Mavericks' promises 1,000-player battle-royale mayhem

'Fortnite' and 'PUBG' might have some competition.

Facebook patent turns phone mics on to record reactions to ads

Smartphones could be prompted to record audio after hearing hidden messages in TV ads.

AT&T quietly hikes customer fees to pay for Time Warner deal

Admin charges have increased by $1.23 since April

Data-broker leak exposes 340 million personal records

Phone numbers, home addresses and religious beliefs were publicly accessible.

BlackBerry KEY2 Review

BlackBerry KEY2 review: The undisputed keyboard king

Amazon buys an online pharmacy to beef up its healthcare offering

Amazon is apparently serious about this new healthcare venture.

Amazon launches Fire HD 10 for kids and 'show mode' dock

Amazon has introduced a full-screen Alexa experience for Fire tablets and a Fire HD 10 for Kids.

The Olympics people are seriously considering eSports

Are we getting closer to an eSports Olympics? Possibly.

The Rock's Under Armour headphones are built for intense workouts

Take a first look at Under Armour and The Rock's first pair of wireless, over-the-ear headphones.

Google invests in OS that will put its Assistant on feature phones

Feature phones are more popular than smartphones in developing countries.

The Morning After: Apple v. Samsung is really over?

Plus reviews for the BlackBerry KEY2 and Sonos Beam.

Volvo's subscription-only performance hybrid launches today

The only way to get this 415HP 'Polestar Engineered' hybrid is with the $1,100 per month Care by Volvo subscription.

I took a phone call from the Google Assistant

I tried to trick the Google Assistant on a phone call, and sort of succeeded.

Scientists dupe infrared cameras with thermal camouflage

Researchers say the material could be used for thermal camouflage and adaptive heat shields for satellites.

You may soon store your entire media collection on one SD card

A future SD card format could theoretically hold more than 25,000 high-definition movies.

Instagram Lite quietly goes live on Google Play

Instagram is testing a Lite version of its app in Mexico.